The New York Center

Through the assistance of the New York Center, national centers were established and sustained in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.

Joey sought out and encouraged letters from anyone interested in Garabandal  and would send gratis materials to all who would promote the Message in good faith.


Hundreds of letters arrived in bushel baskets every week from all over the world. The volume of correspondence was incredible and the work only accomplished with the help of many good Workers who sorted and translated the mail for Joey or packed and shipped materials.

New York Center rosary and scapular makers donated hundreds of thousands of gratis sacramentals to be distributed to mission priests and nuns in the Third World. Holy cards with translations of the Message of Garabandal were developed to compliment the 16MM films and print materials circulating on six continents – all efforts to assist the global promotion of Our Lady’s Message.

The Priests

A great contribution to the wider acceptance of the Garabandal Message was due to the promotion of faithful priests. In addition to Joseph Pelletier and many fine American priests, Father Francois Turner OP and Father Alfred Combe of France followed in the path opened by Father Materne Laffineur – one of the first priests to write about and promote the apparitions in Europe. These men personally compiled testimony from eyewitnesses and by their writings shaped the flood of stories emanating from the the village into a comprehensive framework.

Father Francis Benac SJ, a Spanish Jesuit ever zealous for the honor of the Blessed Virgin, officially recorded cases of cures that resulted from the medals kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal and openly made his support of the cause known throughout India where he labored as a missionary and in Spain, where he served memorably as the liaison between the 1978 World Congress and the Bishopric of Santander.

These priests were the backbone of GARABANDAL Magazine, contributing authoritative writing on the history of the apparitions and ever developing deeper insight into the content of the Message and the prophecies.

Their articles are timeless, theologically sound, historically accurate and refrain from undue speculation. With their passing in the nineteen nineties these first experts on Garabandal had gone. This website is a tribute to their irreplaceable work on behalf of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.

In addition to the priests, the periodicals that came from the New York Center were also the work of many talented lay men and women. Only a small sample of the outstanding research, analysis and writing of William F. Kuhn, Connie Hoebich, and Marie Fitzpatrick, most prominent among the deceased, is preserved here.

End of An Era

Nineteen ninety five was an important year for the New York Center. After nearly a decade in preparation, the documentary The Message of Garabandal was completed and aired on EWTN. By the end of the decade this film had been translated into twenty seven languages and is presently carried via Youtube around the world.

Joey Lomangino was invited to share his testimony on Mother Angelica Live. These two great American Catholics claim the same ethnicity and hard knocks background and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company in a truly memorable broadcast. Joey was invited back on Mother Angelica Live for three more appearances in the late nineties.

atw-08Sadly, after reaching this apex, Joey’s health began a serious decline. At the advice of his doctors, he started to scale back the work of the New York Center.

In November 1999, the public life of Joey Lomangino was ended by a series of sudden and severe heart attacks, recurring as recently as 2010.

The persistent decline of Joey’s health led to the last New York Center Holy Week Retreat at Garabandal in 2001. The New York Center no longer conducts these pilgrimages.

Those difficult days also marked the passing of Joey’s great friend and advisor Rhoda Van der Clute, an experienced and dedicated publisher who oversaw the operations and management of GARABANDAL Magazine.

In 2002, GARABANDAL Magazine published its final edition.


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