Eight Day Announcement via Email

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

I often used to wonder how it would be possible to quickly inform all the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, throughout the world, of the Warning and the Eight Day Announcement of the Miracle. It would’ve taken a large staff several days to contact all our Friends and Centers throughout the world by the phone or by mail. Who could have known in 1964 that technology would advance to be able to connect the entire world in a blink? Our Lady has always provided for her children and now, using the email, Our Blessed Mother has provided a way for us to be in contact with you so that you would not be misled by rumors or speculation.

Please encourage your family, friends and all who love Our Lady to register their email atGarabandal.us if they would like to receive news of the Warning and the Eight Day Announcement along with my Message, before it is updated on the website. The website, thanks to your promotion and patronage, has been a tremendous success. We have had over half a million hits in less than a month. I don’t exactly know what a hit is but I’m told by my son Joe that we’re doing great.

My reason for writing you this weekend is to remind you of the canonization of Padre Pio this Sunday June 16, and the tremendous opportunity it is to receive God’s grace. I am sure that any prayers made to Our Lord through the intercession of Padre Pio on Sunday will be powerful as it is such a great day for the Church. As our American Bishops are meeting in Dallas, please remember to pray for priests. Who could have known the extent of the crisis when Our Lady said, “Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the path to perdition and taking many souls with them.” Let us, you and me, continue to pray for the strengthening of all priests, for the enlightenment of the Bishops- the successors to the Apostles, and the renewal of the Church in America and throughout the world with the intercession of Padre Pio before the throne of Almighty God.

It has recently come to my attention that several magazines about Garabandal have been created, some claiming that I am the founder or shadow publisher. I want you to know that I am not connected with and do not endorse any publication which is not published or distributed directly from the New York Center. I have always encouraged everybody to promote the Message in whatever way they can but I want you to be aware of those who use Garabandal for commercial profit.

Also please do not believe anybody who tells you they know the date of the Warning or the Miracle, only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle. Please folks, in the days before the Warning, the Devil is out to confuse people and make them lose faith in Our Lady’s work at Garabandal. Stay close to the original, published work on Garabandal, most of which is available at Garabandal.us for free. Question anybody with “secret sources” or “new information” so that you will not be misled or show up for the miracle a couple of years early. Remember the emphasis at Garabandal is conversion- not fortune-telling.

Thank you for your comments and prayer requests. I want to assure you that they are read to me and I do remember you in my daily rosary. I would like to encourage you to continue to spread the word about the website to your children and grandchildren, friends and religious affiliations. Please continue to pray and promote the Message of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in these times of confusion.

In Union of Prayer,

Joey Lomangino