Saint Pio

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

May 25th is the birthday of Padre Pio. Those who have read Joey’s Story are aware St. Pio changed my life. Today, in a special way, I ask him to intercede before God on behalf of my family, friends, the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal, and you who join us by email. Why not ask this new saint for a special favor on his birthday?

We are also celebrating the first anniversary of our website, which was launched May 25, 2002 and blessed and consecrated shortly after. We chose this date because of the connection between Garabandal and Padre Pio. We are amazed by the consistently high number of visits to our site and the tens of thousands who over the past year have read articles, viewed the videos and downloaded the books gratis.

Recently we have added After the Visions  which features a rare video interview with visionary Conchita Gonzales in which she expresses her thoughts on the apparitions and describes in her own words the Warning and Miracle.

I spoke with Conchita recently and she told me to remind everyone that what is important about Garabandal is the MESSAGE. It isn’t necessary to try to connect Garabandal to saints and celebrities who believe, the Message of Garabandal stands on its own. It does not matter if people believe the apparitions, if they live the Message.

No one will miss the Warning. Regarding the Miracle, Conchita herself said, “Don’t worry about where you will sleep or what you will eat for two days. The Blessed Mother said, “ALL WILL GO WELL.” What is inconvenience when you will witness a Miracle?”

I am told there are now 11,000 Garabandal websites. A search for the The Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel shows over 3,000 sites under various names. Our official site is which was established after the termination of Garabandal Magazine in early 2002. We currently have five times as many email subscribers as we had magazine subscribers, even in the best years. I thank our Lady for continuing to allow the Workers here at the New York Center to promote the Message with such success in this new way.

It was our original intention, God willing, to use this email connection at the time of the Warning and for the Eight Day Announcement prior to the Miracle and we still hope to do so. I will continue to send out this letter occasionally, although not often, just to keep in touch. The Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel thank you for your prayers and support. You all and your email intentions are remembered in my rosaries and the Mass for the Workers said on the 18th of every month. Saint Pio-pray for us!

In Union of Prayer,

Joey Lomangino