End of the Epoch

Dear Friends,

The life and mission of Pope John Paul II on earth ended in Rome on April 2, 2005.

We felt both deep sadness and great joy when we heard that Pope John Paul II had whispered his last “Amen”. This Pope has touched the lives of many millions. Our own family had the privilege of receiving his blessing in 1989 in Rome, a moment we will never forget.

For those interested in the Garabandal prophecy tied to the passing of this Pope, our website  features the article “John Paul II – Is He the Last Pope?” by Fr. Francois Turner published in Garabandal Magazine (1972-2002) by the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in New York.

This article contains one of the earliest and most prudent reflections on the prophecy by a priest. Fr. Turner (RIP), an expert on Garabandal, was known as a man of intellect, candor and accuracy. Like many of the events surrounding the Garabandal apparitions, he knew this prophecy would not be thoroughly understood until viewed with hindsight after the events of Garabandal, including the Warning and Miracle, had concluded.

Fr. Turner did not personally foresee the end of the papacy as we know it, only that the end of this papacy would mark the change of the era, “the end of the present period” (el fin de los tiempos).

Father Turner’s is the best and most valid explanation of many written on this subject. Please remember, we do not verify statements published in other magazines. Those who are interested should request verification directly by email or letter from the author of the article. We cannot confirm statements made in private conversations by any of the visionaries and do not endorse speculation.

Now, as John Paul II enters his eternal reward, we thank God for him and pray for his eternal rest. As was announced, John Paul II will be buried at Saint Peter’s in Rome on Friday April 8, 2005. Already the Cardinals are assembling in Rome and following the Pope’s burial, the process will begin to choose the 265th Pope. Remember every day to offer your masses and rosaries for the man soon to be chosen to follow John Paul II as the next successor to St. Peter.

In Union of Prayer,

Joey Lomangino