New York Center Update

October 18th is an appropriate day to report on the spread of the Message of Garabandal. The purpose of the Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal has always been and will continue to be to spread the MESSAGE OF GARABANDAL as requested by Our Lady over 40 years ago. Joey Lomangino began this work using simple leaflets, then slides, film, videos and now a website. Answering correspondence years ago prompted a simple newsletter called “Needles” and then the Garabandal Magazine which was discontinued in January, 2002. Now through the internet, authentic and factual information gathered over time from Garabandal priest-experts and witnesses is immediately available world wide.

During his weekly address at St. Peter’s Square on May 12, 2002, Pope John Paul II said, “I have decided to propose a big new theme for this year: The Internet—a new forum for proclaiming the Gospel.” Going further, he said, “Recent progress in communications and information, have presented the church with unheard of possibilities for evangelism. We shouldn’t be afraid to put to sea in the vast ocean of information.” He went on, “If we do so the good news can reach the hearts of men and women of the new millennium. We have to become part of this modern and ever more finely woven web of communications with realism and confidence, convinced that, if it is used competently and with due responsibility, it can offer an opportunity for the dissemination of the word of the Lord.” Reuters ( 05/13/02)

It is a reality that this website is taking the Message into new places. The popularity of the website grows every day with a constant increase of hits and visitors since the website launched in May 2002. Prayer intentions arrive daily and the volume of email continues to grow.

The most frequently asked question is “What’s New?” There is nothing new to report about the events of Garabandal 1961-1965. No statement is expected from Church authorities until the conclusion of the prophecisied events: the Warning, the Miracle and the Sign to be left at the pines. The only visionary who knows the date of the Miracle is Conchita who will reveal it eight days in advance. She will not give public interviews until after the Miracle. Joey Lomangino does not know the date of the Miracle. Do not be anxious, no one is going to miss the Warning which will come before the Miracle. For those who want to be informed, the New York Center offers the original Garabandal books on-line free for your personal use. These books form the basis for most of the information available today. You can also obtain paperback copies through the Garabandal Materials Catalogue while inventory is still available. The Special Edition Magazine, Warning and Miracle, is now out of stock, however, this information is available on the website. The Special Edition Garabandal Magazines: Joey’s Story and Padre Pio are now only available on the website.

The New York Center was excited to begin shipping material into mainland China. The Message of Garabandal videos and Holy Cards in Mandarin and Cantonese were sent to separate locations in the north and south of the country. A new contact in Asia has supplied us with labels written in Chinese. While we have maintained ties with centers in Hong Kong and Singapore this is the first contact with Catholics inside mainland China. We received confirmation of arrival of videos and holy cards in July, 2003. More videos are now on the way to China.

Also, a large supply of Garabandal Materials and religious articles were shipped to a priest-promoter in Skiekhupura, Pakistan, an area of the Middle East where Catholics face religious persecution every day. Again, written confirmation of the safe arrival of Garabandal leaflets, rosaries and holy cards was recently received.

Once again, as part of our summer promotion work and continued commitment to our faithful African promoters, we shipped books, pictures, holy cards, Message cards, inventory and religious articles into AFRICA where any religious item is greatly appreciated. Last summer we sent a huge amount of materials into Africa using the donations received from you, our friends, to pay the ever increasing U.S postage fees. This summer Garabandal materials went to Ghana, Republic of Cameroon, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Benin, Burundi, Togo and Ethiopia. In his recent letter advising receipt of these materials, Most Rev. Sebastian Khuari, O.M.I.,Bishop of the Diocese of Mohale’s Hoek in Lesotho, Nigeria echoed the deep gratitude of all those who receive these packages. African Priest-promoters join in the prayers and Masses said on the 18th of each month for the Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Since last writing, the New York Center has supplied GRATIS materials to promoters, old and new, in the following countries: Albania, France, New Zealand, Japan, Panama, Canada, Czech Republic, Trinidad, West Indies, Germany, England, Australia, Poland, Philippines, Italy, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Russia, Malta and shipped Spanish language Garabandal materials into Spain and the countries of South, Central and Latin America as well as Panama, Puerto Rico and special packages that reached Cuba.

What began with one woman’s request for Garabandal books to send to a correctional institution resulted in over 300 lbs. of Garabandal materials, religious and educational books sent to 20 federal and state prisons and local correctional facilities and penitentiaries across the United States in the Summer of 2003. The New York Center was pleased to participate in this charitable work.

Emails come from centers around the world including India, the Netherlands, Malta,
Germany, New Guinea and from many old friends and new visitors. When sending your email to Joey Lomangino please be aware that individual replies are impossible due to volume. Also, attachments cannot be opened due to potential virus attack. Please include your message in the text of the email. To obtain items from the Garabandal Materials Catalogue please print off an order form, available on the Materials page of the website, and mail it to the New York Center in Lindenhurst.

We are each called to be Workers united under the protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. Remember every day, the Morning Offering of Reparation through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mass, Communion, the Rosary, the Scapular and devotion to Saint Michael. From the overflow of your prayer life comes the zeal to save souls.