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“But Above All, We Must Lead Good Lives.”

If We Do Not Change…

Without a Book of Memories

The Apparition of St. Michael at Garabandal

Rewarding Research At Garabandal

Unless You Become as Little Children

The Devil and Garabandal

A Letter from Conchita

Maximina’s Key

Everything Points to Jesus

Troubled Teens: Who’s To Blame?

Hidden Treasures

The Livery of Mary

Saint Simon Stock

Our Lady Speaks of Penance

Why Garabandal?

Where’s Rachel?

Garabandal and the Passion of Jesus

St. Thomas Aquinas – Doctor of the Eucharist

Garabandal and the World—Thirty Years in Retrospect

‘I Visited The Village of Miracles’

Heavenly Kisses

Where are the Crowds?

Our Lady’s Photograph

Mary, Humanitatis Splendor

Sin is Reaffirmed at Garabandal

Garabandal and Purgatory

Our Lady Prophecied the ‘Double Threat’

The Rosary Emphasis at Garabandal

Why Did Mary Appear as Our Lady of Mount Carmel?

The Unforgettable Abbé Combe

Twice Cured

The Voice of the Virgin

Our Lady Gives a Proof

A Decisive Hour for Conchita

Garabandal: A True Apparition of Our Lady?

“You Must Talk to the World About Mary”

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“How lucky you are!”

I Have Never Doubted

No Comparisons Can Be Made

Through the Eyes of a Missionary

“For me it was something supernatural”

A Conversation between Two Witnesses*

A Memorable Interview with a Great Bishop about Garabandal

Bishop Del Val Gallo Interviewed

An Interview with Mari Loli

Saint Michael at Garabandal – An Interview with Conchita

A Man of Honor

“The Ecstasies Made Me Cry”
“I Felt It Had To Be Studied”

“I Believed Everything Completely”

Everything Will Come in Due Time
An Interview With FR. Alfred Combe
Father Marichalar Speaks

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“They All Shouted ‘Miracle! Miracle!'”
Why I Believe In Garabandal
Recollections of Chon de Luis
Catholicism and Garabandal in Korea
It Turns Your LIfe Around
I Was a New Man
Eyewitness Testimonies
Sister Maria’s Diary – Part 1
Sister Maria’s Diary – Part 2
My Message from the Virgin
Right from the Start


Priests were the backbone of the Garabandal Movement and the magazine GARABANDAL. Books and articles were written not only by priests from Spain and Europe but others from all over the World.

It was from their original work that many other articles developed. Father Joseph A. Pelletier A.A., Father Francois Turner, O.P., Father Francis Benac, S.J., Father Alfred Combe as well as many outstanding Spanish priest-authors who have gone to their eternal reward have left a treasury of work behind them. 

This website is a tribute to their great efforts on Our Lady’s behalf.

Through the everyday events of our lives, God reveals simple lessons to us. One day, when our family was on vacation at the seashore, we decided to take a walk. We came upon a little open-air stand called “The Oyster Shop.” Inside, a lady stood with a big bucket of oysters. She said that each oyster had a pearl and, for five. . .

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What Did Our Lady Look Like?